Sunday, September 30, 2012

My first kids consignment event

My friend and i decided to put together a kids consignment event just about a month ago.  The journey from the day we had happy hour Sunday and marked the date which is exactly a month and 2 days after that for the big day was easy.. making it happen was a different story.

We put the word out there and marked the date, without consignors, no location, no idea where to start. it was refreshing, and definitely nerve wracking, but it was what we needed to push us to really do it.  We called fellow moms and encourage them the plan which half of them dont even know what consignment was, all they thought was to clear their closets and underbeds with junk and give it to us, which exactly what happened., after giving them the "consignment agreement, rules and tagging instructions", which thanks to the internet, a very helpful source, we knew how to sound professional.

So here we are, offering moms the percentage of the sales we make by doing literally nothing. We ended up doing everything, including re-washing the used clothes. It was hardwork. Looking for the location was hard, we didnt want to spend a lot on it, so i called friends around, and eventually landed on a friends unused office and jumped to it right away. Why not, its only $100 whenever whatever, exactly what we needed.

So the day finally came, and with 10 consignors signed up, we have inventory full of assorted kids clothes, toys and kids accessories. We went to the location for the first time (HUGE MISTAKE) and found out we are doomed... it's on the second floor of a no window building, where the front door is closed on the weekends, and the garage door only opens up with a key. No one will find us, and if they do, they cant get in. FUN.

So after spending much time in trying to make us visible to the public, flyers, balloons leading up to the second floor, sticking a folded floor mat to the garage door to leave it opened, we ended up with friends, friends of friends and consignors buying each others stuff. if not because they have our phone number, they will never find us.

Because we were a cheapskate, we lost a huge potential of getting passers by for our event. it wasnt really a disastrous one i can say, coz we still made money, made moms happy getting great deals, and we lost $68 in profit. not too bad for a first timer i think.

After today, i felt great. i feel i have achieve something great with investing time, effort and about $100, i will definitely do this again, with an awesome location this time.

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