Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Plan B here i come

So life has determined that i should take Plan B.


So here come thrifty shopping,
borrowing money from savings for our trip

Life goes on, and we are on our way to vacation no matter what, life is too short to not enjoy it, borrow money, pay it back on a better day.

cool, Plan B is all set.

33 Days till 2013

SO i have paid off all of my credit cards, used half of it again, and now back to paying minimum on a couple till i pay it all off again, the bandwagon.  its OK, as long as i now have the drive to make sure to pay it all off i am in a better position than i was before.

6 credit cards paid off
3 all paid off
3 re -used
1 almost paid off again while the 2 others on minimum payment..


Life never gets easy, we just get stronger

I came across this line and it struck me big time, all this time i have been looking forward for a better day, "when life gets easier.." starting line to every hopeful conversation, but as the years go by, i realized there is always a challenge ahead you are to face, and everytime, its does get tougher, but what's interesting is how i deal with it changed, i used to cry a lot over it, but now, i just shrug and say here it comes, bring it on.

Yeah, we get stronger overtime.