Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ending the month with an Over Budget ...

so im staring at my spreadsheet and as always, im over budget on a few locations especially food.
yesterday i tried walking around Target with a number in mind, and for every item i pick, i plug in the price on my phone calculator., i needed to only spend $25 on kids food and i made it in to $20.05 since i get 5% off if i use my Target card. I swear i felt good about it! So starting next month, i will stick to my budget and hold a calculator buying groceries. Let's see how this works.

I have noticed when i know how much i can only spend, and i keep track of it, i carefully choose the ones i can only get, when i used to just look at what's on sale, and what's another $1.99 right? but guess what, it adds up! and my biggest surprise is at the check out counter when my bill is over $100!

so i will try to stay on budget, and keep at it, budgets dont work if you dont work hard to keep it too.

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