Thursday, December 10, 2015

2 years just flew by

Life happened and just like that, it's been 2 years since my last post. i have looked at my 2013 goals and i would like to update where i am at right now.
I can say that this time, i am more aware of where i am at, where i am going and what exactly i need to do to get there. so here's what i wrote in 2013:

2013 Goals

I'm too scared to post some goals coz im always bound to failing it, but since everyone else is doing it, doesnt hurt to put one together too... i think.

so here goes:

25% goes to savings (emergency/downpayment money) - goal $20,000 by December 2013
10% hubby's ROTH IRA
10% my 401K and ROTH IRA split in half
$500/month to pay down credit cards (done by Nov)

stretch goal:
pay off one car - might be too impossible but well see

personal goals:
pilates 2x a week , yoga once a week
meditate at least once a day
short trips every other month - we just did a 3 week long vacation in January so for sure im done for this year or boss will kill me
update my wardrobe - this will cost but looking to budget about $100/month on this

In the last two years, we have:

Saved 10% in my 401K
Maxed out my husband's IRA (opted for IRA instead of the ROTH for tax reasons)
Paid off old student loan debt
Yoga every Saturday
I now meditate for 10 minutes every morning
we were able to go for a family vacation for about a week in 2014 and 2015
cleaned up my closet and got hand me downs from 3 friends. - updated my wardrobe for free!

I may not be able to achieve most of my goals but i was able to get somewhere! It's great to be able to go back and look at what i wrote down. Sometimes writing down makes you commit and unconsciously head your way towards the direction of your goals.

I'm glad i found this again, I am back for good!