Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back in the Grind

i have been away for 4 months, wow, 4 months just went by fast. we spent all the Holidays, and vacations, and now, its time to go back to reality, time to re focus and get serious.

I have set everything up to automatically pay all my credit cards every month with more in each of the cards every month, by November this year, everything will be paid off.

I have also set up all savings accounts to automatically transfer per paycheck:

Roth IRA - 5% of take home pay (401k 5%)
Hubby's ROTH IRA - 10% of take home pay
Emergency fund - $1700/month - this is huge but i will make sure it gets credited every month
Kids Savings - $35/month x 2
Mutual Funds (2) - $50/month x 2

Me and hubby's wants - $100/paycheck per month x 2

im setting everything up to be automatic, all bills automatic, credit cards, utilities, savings. Whatever's left, and hopefully there is, it will be fun money! Wish me luck!

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