Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Millionaire's Club here i come

In order for me to become a millionaire, I pledge to do the following (each year):

1. save one paycheck per month, at least $2500 or hopefully more
2. max my Roth IRA every year
3. set aside $1 a day in a jar (as of today, i already owe $283 oops) 
4. invest $1000 in P2P investing with at least 10% return 
5. save all profits from my online shopping store

if i only do #1 and do it religiously, based on CNN's millionaire calculator http://cgi.money.cnn.com/tools/millionaire/millionaire.html i will be a millionaire in 19 years and 4 months! 
just around the time i want to retire! 

so with this, i pledge to myself to join the millionaire's club with J. Money and everybody! http://www.budgetsaresexy.com/2008/04/my-millionaire-to-do-list/

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